The Training Collars Owners Group (t.COG®), was launched to offer advice and support to pet owners who use or are considering the use of electronic training devices to train their pets.


“The ECMA would like to announce that permission was granted to apply for a judicial review of the Welsh electronic collar regulations 2010.  However, today the regulations were upheld by the Royal Courts of Justice.

Following the introduction of the regulations in March 2010, the Welsh Ministers made it clear that they would monitor any new evidence relating to electronic training collars.  The ECMA intends to make them aware of new scientific evidence as it becomes available.”


“Our Mission is to support pet owners in their use of Electronic Training Collars, to provide general training information through our website and to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of difficult-to-train animals, when training using electronic technology is a realistic alternative.”

How t.COG® are helping you:

  • Keeping you up to date on the latest scientific research and political actions surrounding electronic training products
  • Lobbying on your behalf to ensure you continue to have the right to protect your pet with electronic training products
  • Educating pet owners on the many benefits of these life saving devices
  • Promoting safe and responsible use of the products
  • Carrying out surveys amongst collar owners to inform policy makers and the media about the positive results of electronic training collars.

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